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Investing in Property or Bitcoins/Ethereum/Litecoins to canadian, which is the worthy investment option?

Investing means putting your resource in a venture where they will gain value as well as earn you handsome returns. In Canada, there are several ways you can invest your resources. For instance, you can focus on real estate or properties.

Also, you can try your hands in the stock market or forex trading. However, in 2009, a new investment opportunity came to surface – cryptocurrency. A form of currency in the digital state was introduced in the marketplace by the name Bitcoin. Fast-forward to 2018, more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies are in operation. As a potential investor, you are now in a dilemma whether to take the crypto’s way and buy Bitcoins and altcoins or focus on the traditionally known property investment. Here is a guide comparing the two options and which is better when:

1.  Static progressive value growth

Before setting off on your investment journey, you need to decide on the type of value growth you are seeking. You need to know whether you want a short-term investment with immediate returns or a long-term one with static progressive growth. Looking both property and cryptocurrencies, both can be worthy long-term investments. However, the digital currency value is not static. It fluctuates from time to time depending on with the current rumors and speculations.

For instance, the Bitcoin value stood at 21,000 CAD in around November-December 2017. As at the writing of this article, it was only worth 12,277.14CAD. In contrary, the property value is static; there are limited chances of its price showing a downward trend unless the country experiences an economic crisis. Thus, if you are seeking an investment with static progressive value growth, property is the right option.

2. Security of the investment

Actually, another name of properties like stocks and shares is securities. By this, it means that your property is a guaranteed investment. For instance, when you buy a real estate in Canada, it will remain your property as long as the title deed is under your name. Even if someone grabs it, you will repossess it back through legal proceedings. Hence, it is a substantial investment that you transfer from one generation to the other as it continues to gain value. It is hard to steal or loss a property.

When you came to cryptocurrencies, every expert will conclude the advice by telling you to store your Bitcoins and altcoins in a secure offline wallet. Why? Because without doing this, you can lose your coins within a second. Also, unless you are holding your virtual currencies in a cloud wallet – which make them good stuff for fraudster-, you will lose them if the hardware housing your purse is destroyed. One point to note is that digital coins are not transferable.

With these facts, you are confident that investing in digital coins is a risky idea. Unlike properties, losing your resources is only within a brick of the eye. So, if security is your primary concern, the property is your way.

3. Higher return within a short duration

Patience pays a general motto in the investment world. However, at times, you may miss a golden opportunity through focusing on long-term gains. As they say, life is short so when an opportunity to move you to the next level comes you have to seize it. This is the attitude of investors who are not willing to practice patience.

If you are one of them, then buying and selling Bitcoin and altcoins is a good idea for you. For instance, Bitcoin value increased drastically in 2017. So, those who invested on it in January had a good time in December as their effort paid.

By considering the three aspects, you will know the best investment option for you – Whether to buy Bitcoins or invest in properties.